The International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools are a unique system of education very different from the traditional systems of education. In this world of cut throat competition fi you are confused on selecting the right board for your child to enable him stand out in the world, then you should definitely consider IB Board for its unprecedented advantages. The following are the advantages of IB Board over other boards.

Advantages of IB Board over other Boards

The Following are the advantages of the IB Board which gives its students an edge over the other students.

• Deep thinkers and Independent learners.

The curriculum of the IB Board is such that it encourages the students to think and inquire. As against the other Boards, IB Board curriculum doesn’t believe in mugging up of key concepts. Rather it makes its students think and inquire by questioning WHY and HOW rather than blindly accepting what is being told to them. 

• Culturally and socially aware

The IB Board program makes its students culturally and socially aware. Due to the compulsory second language they become culturally more aware. Besides there is an inclusion of non-academic and yet obligatory topic namely Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) wherein the students are required to carry out some work for their community as a part of their extra-curricular activity making them socially more aware.

• IB students are better performers

IB World School students have a strong academic, social and emotional base giving them an edge over the other students. The IB program helps its students become better performers and better human beings. There are reports where IB students have outperformed the students of the other Boards.

• Overall development of the students 

IB board provides an opportunity to develop academic, emotional and social well-being of Its students while the key focus is on International mindedness and strong personal values.

• IB Board students have an access to the treasure trove of resources

The IB Board world schools provide the access to various training material, workshops, discussion forums, online libraries, Interaction with the high level experts who have specialized knowledge in the field. Thus aiding the students in getting the in-depth knowledge.  

The aforesaid are the few of the many advantages of the IB Boards over other Boards. If you are planning to send your child abroad for further education or you are working abroad then IB Board is a great option for you. Children passed out from IB board are great inquirers and stand out from the crowd. They have a great future. There are a lot of renowned IB Board schools in Mumbai. You can consider one of those if you want to give world class education to your child in Mumbai itself.   


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